Wednesday, January 30, 2019

What is a sandwich bill cap?

 A baseball style cap makes for a great palate in which to embroider and display your logo.  Behind polo shirts, logo embroidered baseball caps are the most popular style of apparel we sell at Thread Logic.

Baseball caps come in a number of different styles, shapes and color combinations anyone of which could make a good place to have your logo embroidered.  Like shirts, styles of baseball caps do come and go.

One of the most popular styles of baseball caps today is known as the sandwich bill cap.  The sandwich bill cap has been around for a few years and are made in both structured and unstructured style caps.

sandwich bill capThe sandwich bill is fairly easy to define.  It basically is what it sounds like.  There is a piece of material, usually a different color, that is “sandwiched” between the material that makes up the top and bottom of the bill.

The sandwich bill doesn’t serve any real purpose except that of fashion and style.  One of the advantages of a sandwich bill cap is that addition of color for the bill.  When paired with a logo color, it creates a very coordinated and professional look.

There are a number of different color combinations available to fit the needs of almost any logo to be embroidered on them.

The sandwich bill caps generally cost slightly more than a regular style baseball cap.  But there is real value in that increased cost.

Next time you are looking for a different way to present your logo embroidered on a cap, consider a sandwich bill.
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